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Here are some resolutions to keep you and your music endeavors moving forward.


We offer a large selection of tracks for any genre.


Our tracks range from Latin to Electronic (to name a few). Tracks are independently owned by artists who produce good quality work for your selection. The tracks you need, in a format you need it in. You want it, we got it. All of our songs are owned and

distributed ONLY by Go Music Trax Specialists.


Inspirers R Us


We care about your dreams and aspirations. Let us help you achieve them by utilizing our team of knowledgeable personnel who are willing and able to help you in your pursuit of musical fulfilment.


Any track, any mix and style.


We custom make tracks to fit in your vision, to accommodate the story lyrics are trying to convey. We mix and have a variety of options to choose from if you feel like replacing any parts of the tune.

If you envision it, we can create it.


We may be small, but we have a big drive


Unlike other larger companies who have turned corporate. We have remained personal by giving each client an individual attention they desire. By providing and tailoring the proper tools (music) to accommodate their specific needs. Music along with customer satisfaction is our priority and we treat it as such. We deliver on time and with no delays.


Search Section


User friendly and full of fun tracks to select from


Additional information / accommodations is available upon request.


Please feel free to reach out via phone call or an email to get you on your path to achieving your dreams.

Go Music Trax is dedicated to supporting you in your journey and your important to us.


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